About Us

Our Mission

REITS.org was launched with one aim – to help you digest and understand the world of Real Estate Investment Trusts investing.  In the past few years, with the help of some some regulatory changes, REITs have attracted a lot of attention, investments and even new investors.  We took this opportunity to reinforce our mission and be your go to resource for everything REITs – ranging from simple topics like “what is a REIT?” to more complex areas like “understanding the role of Opportunity Zones”.

Our writers collectively have decades of experience in investing and advising on real estate.  Please feel free to to reach out to us with comments or questions through our Contacts page.

Our Writers

April Thompson

An experienced real estate and finance professional with more than 10 years of experience working with all investor types, both public and private, including private equity, public REITs, family offices and individual investors.

Eric Bank

Senior business/financial writer who has been published on Chron, The Nest, Zacks and dozens of other publications. Previously, was the Director of Business Analysis for a Chicago-based hedge fund for 10 years.


Joshua Nunberg

Experienced entrepreneur, real estate advisor and a former investment broker/investor for an NYC real estate brokerage, Joshua has multiple years of experience in real estate brokerage and investments.