Bryant Real Estate Group – Investing Services

By: Sarah Tessier

Added: 10th January 2019

Bryant Investment Group LLC is located in TN, United States and is part of the Residential Property Investment Industry.  It is a value investment group, focusing on dividend-paying stocks that are in good financial shape, with solid growth in earnings per share over the last few years.  They also run a real estate investment trust (REIT) that has been around since 2005 but remains relatively unknown. Named for the Nordic region from which the company draws its inspiration, and has just over $10 million in total assets but a market cap of over $600 million.

They invest in the real estate market in Western Europe. The company is a collection of office buildings, shopping malls, and residential properties in the United Kingdom and in the Netherlands. The company is built for long-term growth, and it has a dividend yield of 4.23%.

Their team is dedicated to providing you customized solutions with world-class service. Whether it’s looking for education planning, retirement planning or estate planning, their solutions offer to help meet any financial objectives and are committed to making a positive difference in the clients’ lives.

In the past decade, Bryant group has grown revenues by over 20%. In the same period, the company has innovated its way into new markets.

Their 5 step process includes:

  1. Consultation & discovery
  2. Developing an investment strategy
  3. Presentation of recommendations
  4. Execution of strategy
  5. Collaboration and support