Top 6 Trucking Factoring Companies (Special Considerations)

Choosing the right factoring company can be a pivotal decision for trucking businesses. A factoring partner should not only cater to the immediate financial needs but also support growth and stability through various value-added services. They differ in terms of their fee structures, contract terms, and area of expertise. While some offer non-recourse factoring, which provides greater protection to the carrier, others may focus on recourse options with their own set of benefits.

Advanced features like fuel discounts, dedicated support, and online account management can also be decisive factors.

Evaluation Criteria

When selecting a factoring company, businesses must prioritize assessments of the company’s reputation, comprehend the financial implications of rates and fees, and scrutinize contract terms for sufficient flexibility. These factors are pivotal in sustaining the financial health of a trucking company.

Reputation and Credibility

Reputation and credibility of a factoring company reflect on its reliability and can be gauged through entities like the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Prospective clients should examine the company’s industry standing, customer testimonials, and ratings. It is also imperative to check for any history of complaints or resolution issues that may indicate potential risks.

Rates and Fees

The cost of factoring services is determined by various fees and rates, which typically include:

  • Advance Rate: The percentage of an invoice’s value that is paid upfront by the factoring company.
  • Factoring Rate: The fee charged for the service, often indicated as a percentage of the total invoice value.
  • Discount Rate: Sometimes used to refer to the factoring rate.
  • Fees: These can be administrative fees, service fees, or any other additional costs.

A transparent breakdown of these costs aids in avoiding any unforeseen hidden fees. Companies should ensure they understand the payment terms and whether any early termination fees are applicable.

Evaluating Contract Terms and Flexibility

Businesses must review contract terms to ensure they align with their operational requirements. This includes flexibility in:

  • Length of the factoring agreement
  • Monthly minimums and maximums
  • Ability to conduct independent credit checks on potential clients
  • Recourse and non-recourse factoring options

Contract terms should not bind a company in a manner that hinders scaling or adapting to market changes. A thorough reading helps circumvent any restrictive clauses that may affect business liquidity.

Best 6 Recommendations

The financial health of trucking businesses can be greatly improved with the support of factoring companies, which provide needed capital for operations. The following factoring companies are recognized for their specialized services tailored to trucking companies.

1) Apex Capital Corp

Apex Capital Corp specializes in providing financial services to trucking companies, with factoring being one of its core offers. It helps enhance cash flow management, enabling trucking businesses to maintain operations without interruption due to payment delays.

  1. General Reputation: Apex Capital Corp is generally well-regarded in the trucking industry. It offers freight factoring services for small to medium-sized trucking companies and is known for its fuel card program and additional tools to assist truckers.
  2. Customer Reviews: The reviews for Apex Capital Corp vary, but there’s a significant number of positive testimonials. Clients have praised their ease of doing business, transparent fees, excellent customer service, and the additional benefits like fuel discounts and quick payment processing. Some reviews specifically mentioned the usefulness of their fuel card, stating it offered significant fuel savings. However, there were a few negative reviews as well, with some clients expressing dissatisfaction over contract cancellations due to not using the service enough or other minor charges.
  3. Services Offered: Apex Capital Corp provides a range of services including fuel card benefits, easy invoicing, and quick payment options. They also have a mobile app and tools for credit checks and roadside assistance.
  4. Client Experiences: Many clients have reported a positive experience with Apex, highlighting their professionalism, trustworthiness, and customer service. Several reviews mentioned the company’s responsiveness and efficiency in transactions.
  5. Areas of Improvement: A few customers have noted concerns about the company’s approach to minimum usage requirements and some additional fees, suggesting that these aspects could be areas of improvement.
  6. Overall Impression: The overall impression from the reviews is that Apex Capital Corp is a reliable and beneficial service for truckers looking for factoring services, especially with its added benefits like fuel savings. However, potential clients may want to be aware of all terms and conditions, particularly regarding usage requirements and additional fees.

2) RTS Financial

RTS Financial offers factoring services that are designed to meet the needs of trucking companies of various sizes. Its solutions help firms manage their finances more efficiently and maintain steady growth without worrying about cash flow gaps.

  1. Bundled Services for Savings: They provide bundled services combining factoring and fuel savings, particularly through the RTS and Pilot Trucker Bundle, which offers competitive factoring rates and fuel discounts.
  2. Factoring Services: RTS Solutions provides factoring services with quick funding on open invoices, usually within 24 hours, and emphasizes transparent pricing without hidden fees.
  3. Trucking Software (ProTransport): This easy-to-use software addresses daily operational needs in the trucking industry.
  4. Fuel Card Program: Offers significant savings at over 2,400 fuel stations and credit lines up to $3,200 per truck per week.
  5. RTS Pro Mobile Solution: An all-in-one mobile solution for trucking companies, providing access to fuel discounts, factoring services, broker credit ratings, and trucking software.
  6. Credit Reports and Broker Checks: Enables clients to find freight brokers with strong credit and payment histories, enhancing business decisions.
  7. Reputation and Recognition: RTS Solutions has a high rating on Google and has been voted as one of Kansas City’s “Best Places to Work” for five consecutive years. has also rated it as the “Best Factoring Service for Trucking Companies.”
  8. Industry Services: They cater to various industries including trucking, oilfield services, distribution, textiles, staffing, and manufacturing, providing same-day funding and competitive advance rates.
  9. Customer-Centric Approach: RTS Solutions’ factoring approach is built around attracting and retaining customers with transparent rates, fast and responsive service, and a commitment to integrity.
  10. Veteran Discounts: They offer discounts for U.S. veterans, reflecting their support for service members.
  11. Fuel and Factoring Bundle with Pilot Company: This partnership allows clients to combine essential services like fuel, funding, and loyalty rewards at competitive rates.
  12. RTS Pro Factoring Web-Based Platform: Provides an easy platform for invoice uploading, account management, and enhanced reporting features.

In summary, RTS Solutions stands out for its comprehensive service offerings, particularly in factoring and fuel savings, backed by a strong focus on customer service and technological solutions. Their services are tailored to various needs within the trucking and related industries, emphasizing efficiency, customer support, and profitability.

Positive Aspects

  1. Same-Day Funding: Many customers appreciate the same-day funding feature, which is crucial for operational liquidity.
  2. Customer Service: There’s a general consensus about the professionalism and helpfulness of the RTS Financial team. Clients have mentioned the transparency and punctuality in service.
  3. Additional Services: RTS offers free collections services and business analytics, along with an easy-to-use online portal for direct invoice uploads.

Areas of Concern

  1. Contract Issues: Some customers have reported difficulties in exiting contracts with RTS Financial.


TAFS is known for its comprehensive factoring services that support the trucking industry. They go beyond simple financing, offering additional support that assists trucking businesses in navigating the complexities of the industry.

  1. Speed of Funding (1-Hour Advance Option, Night, Weekend, and Holiday Advances): TAFS has implemented a fast funding approach, allowing clients to receive payments quickly through their 1-Hour Advance Option. This feature is particularly useful for improving cash flow and is available even during nights, weekends, and holidays.
  2. Strong Relationships: Emphasizing customer service, TAFS aims to provide a premier level of support, fostering strong relationships with their clients. This approach is central to their mission of being more than just a factoring company, but a partner in their clients’ growth and success.
  3. Advantageous Benefits (TAFS 360 Benefits): TAFS offers a comprehensive suite of benefits under the TAFS 360 program. These benefits cover various trucking needs, from discounts on tires and maintenance to roadside assistance, aimed at helping trucking companies expand and maximize profits.
  4. Company Growth and Evolution: Since its inception in 2007, TAFS has significantly grown and evolved. By 2010, they began offering additional services and reached a milestone of 1,000 clients in 2011. The focus has been on developing lasting relationships and aiding client growth. In 2014, they expanded their facilities to accommodate growing operations.
  5. Innovations and Service Expansion (2017-2019): TAFS acquired ProDispatch in 2017 and introduced 1-Hour Advances in 2018, further enhancing their service offerings. By 2019, they revamped the client portal, added Success Stop, and formed a new client services team, all aimed at maintaining a high level of service.
  6. Factoring Services and Client Experience: TAFS provides accounts receivable financing through factoring, converting outstanding invoices into cash quickly. Their approach is client-centric, focusing on delivering the best experience through listening, empowerment, innovation, and consistency.
  7. Additional Services Offered by TAFS:
    • Equipment/Truck Financing: Offers financial solutions for purchasing equipment and trucks.
    • Business Loans: Provides funding options to support various business needs.
    • Used Truck Sales: Includes a platform for buying and selling used trucks.
  8. Client Testimonials: Clients have expressed high levels of satisfaction with TAFS, noting the quality of service, beneficial partnerships, and the impact TAFS has had on their business growth and operations.

Overall, TAFS’s approach combines fast and flexible funding options with comprehensive support services, reflecting their commitment to fostering strong client relationships and aiding in the growth of trucking businesses.

4) OTR Solutions

OTR Solutions proclaims a customer-centric approach, providing non-recourse factoring solutions that protect trucking companies against the non-payment of invoices. This level of protection is a valuable service for minimizing financial risk.

  1. Freight Factoring Solutions: OTR Solutions provides industry-leading freight factoring services, focusing on instant funding to help trucking businesses navigate any market conditions effectively.
  2. Range of Services: They offer a variety of services including innovative factoring, fuel programs, and web services tailored for the trucking industry.
  3. Industry Tools: OTR Solutions has a suite of industry-leading tools designed to help truckers succeed in the market.
  4. Client Support: The company is committed to delivering unrivaled customer service, backed by dedicated support teams.
  5. Transparency and Teamwork: OTR Solutions promises complete transparency and service by a high-energy, passionate team focused on client success.
  6. Factoring for Different Trucking Needs: They offer solutions for owners, operators, freight brokerages, and fleets, including True Non-Recourse Factoring and Fleet Factoring.
  7. OTR Clutch and OTR Fuel Card: These are among the specialized solutions offered, including a fuel card program for savings at the pump.
  8. Comprehensive Client Support: OTR Solutions provides an elite level of customer service, handling tasks like payment verification, claim assistance, invoicing, and payment collections.
  9. Tailored Factoring Programs: They offer True Non-Recourse Factoring with no chargebacks and a dedicated account manager, as well as Fleet and Freight Factoring for mid to large-sized carriers.
  10. Technology Integration: Their services include advanced technology for fast invoicing, TMS integrations, optimized fuel savings, and more.
  11. High Customer Satisfaction: OTR Solutions has received high praise from clients for their factoring needs, noting prompt care in handling phone calls, emails, and funding.

In summary, OTR Solutions focuses on providing tailored factoring solutions, excellent client support, and technological integration to facilitate smooth operations and growth for businesses in the trucking industry.

5) Ecapital

Ecapital offers flexible funding options to trucking companies, allowing businesses to factor invoices and obtain immediate working capital. Their services provide a lifeline to businesses waiting on payments from brokers and shippers.

  1. Customized Financial Solutions: eCapital provides both off-the-shelf and customized financial solutions to address the unique cash flow challenges in the transportation industry.
  2. Experience in Transportation Financing: With over 17 years of experience and serving more than 22,000 transportation clients, eCapital is established as a significant player in commercial trucking finance.
  3. Wide Range of Services: Their services are designed to support businesses of various types and sizes in the transportation sector, from owner-operators to large fleets and freight brokers.
  4. Innovative Technology and Expert Team: eCapital combines cutting-edge technology with financial expertise to deliver efficient financing solutions.
  5. Diverse Financing Products: Beyond traditional factoring, they offer a range of financing products designed specifically for freight businesses.
  6. Tools for Business Management: eCapital provides access to modern freight tools, including a Transportation Management System (TMS) and a load board for better freight management.
  7. Additional Savings Options: They offer bundled solutions like Fuel Cards, Visa Cards, Lines of Credit, etc., aimed at helping businesses save money.
  8. Credit Checking Services: eCapital also provides credit checking services to protect businesses from potential risks.
  9. Education and Insights: The company offers industry insights, helping businesses understand various aspects like Quick Pay vs. Freight Factoring and navigating non-recourse factoring agreements.

eCapital’s approach is focused on providing reliable cash flow solutions through a blend of financial products, technological tools, and industry expertise, supporting the growth and success of businesses in the transportation sector.

6) Porter Freight Funding

Porter Freight Funding provides tailored factoring solutions to trucking companies, helping them to manage cash flow effectively. They understand the unique financial challenges in the trucking industry and offer solutions that help businesses remain solvent and competitive.

  1. Same-Day Funding: Porter Freight provides same-day funding to improve cash flow and support the growth of trucking businesses.
  2. Transparent and Competitive Rates: Their funding comes with no hidden fees or costs and offers competitive rates with flexible contract options.
  3. Fuel Card Program: The company offers a fuel card program providing advances and discounts to save money on fuel, with significant discounts at both major chains and smaller locations.
  4. Factoring Solutions for Various Trucking Businesses:
    • Fleet Owners: Tailored financing solutions, including factoring and fuel cards.
    • Owner Operators: Services to increase financial security and balance budgets.
    • Freight Brokers: A specialized factoring program to maximize income and cash flow.
  5. Mobile App and Dedicated Account Executive: Porter Freight provides a mobile app and a dedicated account executive for efficient management of factoring services.
  6. Non-Recourse and Recourse Factoring: They offer two types of funding packages – non-recourse factoring with 100% upfront payment and flexible recourse factoring options.
  7. Additional Services: Porter Freight also offers dispatch services, compliance assistance, and insurance quotes.
  8. High Customer Satisfaction: The company has received positive reviews on Google, highlighting their efficient factoring services and exceptional customer support.
  9. Expertise and Experience: Porter Freight has over 100 years of combined experience in truck factoring, known for their expertise in the industry.
  10. Comprehensive Transportation Factoring Services: Their services include same-day funding, no monthly minimums for small truck companies, various contract options, and access to a network of vetted dispatchers and pre-approved brokers and shippers.

Overall, Porter Freight Funding is recognized for its effective factoring solutions, commitment to customer service, and a range of tools and programs designed to support the financial needs and growth of trucking businesses.

Advanced Factoring Features

Trucking companies often look for factoring services that go beyond simple invoice processing. Advanced features such as fuel card programs, mobile app integration, and a suite of additional services can significantly enhance the value proposition of a factoring company.

Fuel Card Programs

Many factoring companies offer fuel card programs that help trucking companies manage and reduce their fuel expenses. These cards often come with discounts at select gas stations and provide detailed reporting to track fuel consumption. Apex Capital Corp, for example, facilitates fuel savings by offering discount programs associated with its factoring services.

Mobile App Integration

Integration with a mobile app is key for truckers who are on the move. Factoring companies that provide a robust mobile app enable clients to manage their accounts, submit invoices, and check the status of payments from anywhere. OTR Solutions, for instance, is known for offering a non-recourse factoring solution with a mobile app designed to serve the needs of their clients efficiently.

Additional Services Offered

Besides the core factoring services, additional offerings can greatly benefit trucking businesses. Services such as load boards, credit checks, and various resources are instrumental in helping companies navigate the industry. Apex Capital Corp provides a load board platform as part of their comprehensive suite of services, which also include credit checks and expert financial guidance to help trucking companies optimize their cash flow and operation.

Different Types of Services

Factoring services, crucial for maintaining cash flow in trucking businesses, vary mainly in terms of risk allocation between the company and the factor. These services can be categorized into non-recourse and recourse factoring options, each with its distinct features and benefits.

Non-Recourse vs. Recourse Factoring

Non-Recourse Factoring is a type of service where the factor assumes the majority of the credit risk. Should the client’s customer default on payment, the factor typically absorbs the loss. This service is beneficial for trucking companies seeking financial stability without the worry of unpaid invoices due to customer insolvency.

  • Advantages:
    • Risk Mitigation: The trucking company is not liable if the customer fails to pay.
    • Predictable Cash Flow: Assures consistent cash availability regardless of customer defaults.

Recourse Factoring requires trucking companies to take back responsibility for any unpaid invoices after a certain period. It offers lower fees than non-recourse factoring but places more risk on the trucking business.

  • Advantages:
    • Lower Fees: Costs are typically less compared to non-recourse factoring.
    • Better Rates for Creditworthy Customers: Favorable rates for invoices associated with reliable payers.

Spot Factoring Options

Spot Factoring is a service where a trucking company can factor a single invoice instead of a bundle or all invoices. This selective approach allows for greater control over which invoices to factor and when.

  • Advantages:
    • Flexibility: Offers the ability to choose specific invoices for immediate cash flow needs.
    • No Long-Term Contracts: Beneficial for companies not wanting to commit to lengthy agreements.

Each of these factoring services plays a significant role in dictating the cash flow and risk management strategy of a trucking company. Non-recourse factoring minimizes the financial risk, whereas recourse factoring reduces the cost burden. Spot factoring preserves control and flexibility for the business.

Financial Benefits

The financial landscape for trucking companies can be significantly enhanced by leveraging factoring services, which provide immediate funding, improve cash flow, and reduce credit risks without incurring debt.

Improving Cash Flow

Factoring companies typically offer immediate payment for invoices, which can otherwise take weeks or months to be paid by clients. This service is crucial for maintaining a healthy cash flow within a trucking business, allowing them to cover daily operational costs. For example, TruckSmarter is known for a low 2% factoring rate while also providing cash back on fuel purchases, which helps in managing cash flow efficiently.

Access to Working Capital

With factoring services, trucking companies gain access to working capital that would otherwise be tied up in unpaid invoices. This immediate infusion of funds can be used to invest in new trucks, pay for maintenance, or cover driver salaries. Companies like Apex Capital Corp provide not only factoring services but also add-ons like load boards, which offer additional operational support.

Avoiding Debt and Credit Risks

By opting for factoring services, trucking businesses can avoid the accumulation of debt associated with traditional loans. Non-recourse factoring options also protect companies from the risk of unpaid invoices, transferring the credit risk to the factoring company. Moreover, using factoring services does not impact a company’s credit rating, and it may even help build business credit if the factoring company reports to credit bureaus.

Support and Customer Service

In the realm of trucking factoring, exceptional support and customer service are pivotal for maintaining operational efficiency for truckers. They ensure that benefits are realized swiftly and that the relationship adds value beyond mere financial transactions.

Customer Support and Responsiveness

When truckers choose a factoring company, they prioritize those with a reputation for excellent customer support. Responsiveness is crucial, as delays can impede a trucker’s cash flow and efficiency. Trucking factoring companies that differentiate themselves typically offer:

  • 24/7 Support: Availability of customer service representatives around the clock ensures truckers can resolve issues irrespective of their time zone or working hours.
  • Dedicated Account Managers: Personalized support through dedicated managers aids in creating a smoother, more efficient service experience. Truckers value this direct line for solving problems and getting questions answered promptly.

Value-Added Services for Truckers

The best trucking factoring companies go beyond mere invoice factoring to provide value-added services conducive to a trucker’s business growth. These services enhance the factoring experience by improving truckers’ operational proficiency and offering benefits that can streamline their workflows:

  • Fuel Advances and Discounts: Some companies offer the provision for immediate capital to cover fuel expenses, allowing truckers to continue operations without interruption.
  • Credit Checks: By assisting truckers with credit assessments of their clients, factoring companies help them avoid financial risks and foster more secure business practices.

Special Considerations for Owner-Operators

Owner-operators and small fleet owners face distinct challenges in managing their businesses. Effective factoring solutions are critical to maintaining their working capital and ensuring cash flow stability.

Factors Affecting Owner-Operators

For owner-operators, the fluctuation in cash flow can significantly impact their ability to sustain operations. They must consider:

  • Payment Terms: Long payment terms can strain their financial stability as they await payment from brokers and shippers.
  • Credit Risk: Individual owner-operators bear the full brunt of non-payment risks, making non-recourse factoring an attractive option for them.
  • Fuel Costs: With fuel being a major expense, factoring services that offer fuel advances or discounts can be highly beneficial.

Tailored Services for Small Fleets

Small fleets often seek factoring companies that provide personalized services to fit their unique needs:

  • Account Management: Having a dedicated account manager can help owner-operators navigate complex back-office tasks.
  • Technology Integration: Services like TruckSmarter can streamline the factoring process with online portals or mobile apps, simplifying invoice management.
  • Flexible Programs: Factoring companies that offer customizable programs enable small businesses to choose options that best suit their fleet size and cash flow requirements.

Industry Insights and Best Practices

This section delves into the current landscape of transportation factoring and provides guidance for selecting an appropriate factoring partner for trucking businesses.

Current Trends in Transportation Factoring

The transportation industry has seen a surge in the use of factoring services as a financial strategy to maintain cash flow and support growth. Recent trends show that freight factoring companies are now tailoring their services to accommodate the fluctuating demands of the trucking industry. They often offer collections services to handle unpaid invoices, providing trucking companies with the much-needed respite from chasing down payments.

Factoring has also adapted to encompass technology-driven solutions, with many companies offering online and mobile platforms for carriers to manage their accounts conveniently. This tech-forward approach facilitates quicker turnaround times for credit decisions and funding.

Choosing the Right Factoring Partner

Trucking businesses must consider several critical factors when choosing a factoring partner. Long-term commitments should be weighed carefully; some carriers may prefer the flexibility of no long-term contracts, while others might opt for the stability that a long-term agreement can provide.

A prospective factoring company’s expertise in handling business credit scores and bankruptcy cases should also be scrutinized. It is crucial that they have robust risk management strategies in place to support their clients. Moreover, the financial stability and reputation of the factoring company itself are pivotal—established companies often have a track record of reliable and professional service.

Transportation factoring involves intricate knowledge of the trucking industry, making it imperative for carriers to partner with a factoring company that not only understands their business needs but also offers competitive rates and transparent fee structures to optimize their financial operations.

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